Sensory Solutions - Retail Theft

In the current environment: supermarket blind spots, isolated aisles, lack of CCTV surveillance, limited EAS tagging, high shelving and poor lighting encourage opportunities for theft .

The design of an environmental intervention should consider not just the abuser but also the ligitimate user and the retailer in order to undertake research in an ethical manner and create a successful 'holistic' solution.

The proposal encourages the user and discourages the abuser. It is vital to ensure that the customer experience within the retail space is enhanced making shopping safer and more enjoyable.

Natural surveillance works around the idea that an environment can be designed to prevent crime by maximising visibility and fostering positive social interaction.

By incorporating natural surveillance an improved sense of community could be utilised to heighten tension levels in the abuser to the point where they are deterred completely from committing a crime.

I Can See You

The combination of a head height transparent acrylic – Plexiglass, utilised to optimise sight lines and visibility through the shelving units. The remainder of the unit is a translucent acrylic – Light block.

The translucent panel is backlit with LED lights, to illuminate the shelving unit and generate shadow figures to represent the appearance of a figure on either side of the aisle, creates openness in the environment, enhancing the ability to recognise and acknowledge occupants within the space.

The shelving unit has a roller rail that works in conjunction with the S26 dispenser as a way of attracting noise to the process of taking the item off the shelf. This sound will heighten their tension level as they are drawing attention to themselves.

I Can Hear You

Absorbs sound in order to create a pocket of decreased noise levels. Achieved through the implementation of acoustic baffles suspended above the supermarket aisles.

The fire-rated foam acoustic baffles incorporate T5 fluorescent tube lighting to absorb the sound vibrations in the surrounding environment leaving that aisle notably quieter.

This drop in noise levels makes the abuser feel that their every move will be followed by a magnified sound, ultimately increasing tension levels. The lighting is used to maintain lighting levels in the area in a way that effectively utilises the overhead space.

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